IDP Camp

The Minarat IDP (internally displaced persons) Camp is located at the edge of the city of Herat. IDP Camps are informal settlements located mostly around regional cities where people are struggling to survive. Children are especially at risk of cold-related and dehydration-related illnesses.
The Minarat IDP Camp is home to about 450 families and a total population of more than 2,600. There are three other IDP Camps in the area with, all of which are larger than Minarat.
The work of Innovative Humanitarian Solutions has focused on providing…
1.     fresh water through new and repaired water wells
2.     blankets for the winter
3.     recreational items for the children
Future projects include providing…
1.     medical and dental clinics
2.     agricultural training
3.     improved living conditions with bathhouses, restroom facilities, etc.