Nepal Christian Training Center

The Opportunity

This Nepal Christian Training Center is the result of an Innovative Humanitarian Solutions short-term trip whose purpose was to make contact with a little-known tribe called The Raute People. The background story is that only one news reporter had ever spent a few days with some contact with the Raute People because of their desire to maintain their lifestyle.

Their home is the Himalaya Mountains…literally all of the mountains. They relocate at least four times a year to give their current location time to renew. The first contact was created by a gift of high-quality corn for their people. A friendship was born!

As a result of this friendship the Raute allowed a Nepali pastor to visit them a couple times a month. As he shared his faith the Raute became interested and eventually became believers.

Other tribal group members learned of the faith of the Raute. Some became believers because of the words of the Raute. Others became believers when they visited the Nepali pastor.

Then came the vision from the Nepali pastor. We need a training center to help new believers learn more about their new faith and to train them to share with other, especially those in other groups.

In the fall of 2022, the Christian Training Center became a reality!