Bankariya People Vehicle Opportunities

Transportation Needs

Reaching out to the most unreached places in the Himalayas is not an easy task. The few roads are more like trails. However, traveling on these roads is the only option to minimize walking long distances in the Himalayas. Innovative Humanitarian Solutions ( partners with Reach Himalaya Ministries International (RHMI) to take heavy loads and big quantity of humanitarian gifts. Only 4-wheeler drive vehicles can make the trip without getting stuck, having a  wreck, or not being able to pass the extreme conditions.

4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

With a 4-wheel drive vehicle, these roads can be traveled safely and more conveniently. A vehicle like the Mahindra Scorpio Pickup D/C S10 can provide more space to carry big loads, access most difficult roads, give more mileage, and consume less diesel. Its accessories and repair parts can also be found easily. Please see the details of Mahindra Scorpio Pickup D/C S10 4WD on this website:

The cost of the vehicle is as follows:

S.N. Vehicle Brand Body Cost
1. Scorpio Pickup Mahindra 2 Seat Pick Up $44,000

Vehicles in Nepal are very expensive. The reason is all of the taxes the government of Nepal adds to the price. The taxes involving import of these vehicles include 30 percent customs duty, 55 percent excise duty and additional 13 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) adding up to 98 percent tax. Taxes double the price of all vehicles in Nepal.

RHMI does not own a vehicle. When we travel, we must hire a jeep and driver. Our trips are scheduled at their availability. It is also very expensive at more than $100/day. When we go to the end of the road and trek to our destination, the driver will return to town. We have to schedule them to come get us when we return. This can cause delays while we wait for them to come pick us up. Most of these jeeps are two-wheel drive and they frequently get stuck that causes further delays.

When there are holidays or emergencies, hired vehicles are unavailable because the demand for them is so great. Also, on the majority of the roads in the Himalayas where we go, taking a bus is not an option because their routes are more limited to the better roads.

    3 Wheel Vehicle

    Three-wheeler auto rickshaw…locally called tuk-tuks. This will provide transportation for our Nepali partner who is the main contact person with the Bankariya People. For years he paid his own travel expenses via public transportation.

    This vehicle will meet at least two important needs:

    1. Health care is an issue for the Bankariya People. Ambulances are reluctant or even refuse to go into the jungle to pick up sick people and transport them to the nearest hospital. Most ambulance drivers will not come, especially at night.
    2. During the dry season, the Nepali staff will be able to get close to the Bankariya village by driving up the riverbed. They can transport small amounts of supplies such as rice and involve other helpers in meeting the needs of the people.

    The cost of the vehicle is as follows:

    S.N. Vehicle Brand Body Cost
    1. 3-wheel auto rickshaw Several available 3-seat plus driver Approx. $5,000


    When our Nepali partner first approached the Bankariya, they ran and hid from him. They were so afraid of strangers. Little by little he won the trust of the people and now is a respected friend. This vehicle will make it possible for him to visit more often and meet more needs of the people.