REHAB Skill Center

The Problem

Nepal is the starting point for many international sex traffickers to initiate and then expand their illegal, illicit inhumane business. Every year more than 30,000 teenage girls are trafficked within Nepal and from Nepal to India and then to the world. Many are taken to countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar,and Malaysia, where they spend their lives in international sex industries. Young, unsuspecting, beautiful girls are easily trafficked into India because of the open Nepal/India border. Since 2016, MfTN teams in partnership with IHS have been patrolling two border locations, Mahespur and Sonouli, and an international bus station, Butwal Bus Park,every day. Teams also visit mountain villages to share the horrors of human trafficking with unsuspecting families so they can protect their daughters.

Mary has been sponsored, but many girls still need sponsors.

The Solution

Balaju is a town within Kathmandu city and is exceptionally famous for long distance bus stations, hotels, clubs, dance bars, and brothels. This “town within a city” has more than 1,200 hotels, all of which are involved in sex trade. Authorities estimate there are more than 4,000 sex workers. The sex workers/victims are 13 to 35 years of age. The majority are girls who have been brought in from mountain villages by traffickers and are sold to hotels or sex trafficking agents. The girls are from minorities who are steeped in poverty and have no income-generating skills.

The girls work in the hotels as cleaners during the day with little or no pay. In the evening and through the night they are forced to work as a sex slaves and serve 7 to 9 customers…every day! If they refuse, theyare physically tortured, sent away without payment, and forced to beg and/or be abused on the streets of the city. Conservative estimates are that 90% of the girls want to escape trafficking and the life of prostitution. With no other way to earn a living they are forced to continue this horrible lifestyle until their life is ended by HIV, AIDS, or other sexually transmitted diseases.

January 2020, MfTN started “Smyrna Mission Church” in Balaju City. The main purpose of this church is to rescue girls who are being trafficked. Within a few months six girls were rescued. They are now married and enjoying a happy family life. As the church continued to help girls who were trafficked, it became clear there was a desperate need for a Skill Center where the rescued girls would be able to learn a new skill. Then they would be able to live as skilled women in the society.

REHAB Skill Center


  • TRAIN,

these victims of human trafficking from the sex industry into which they have been forced.


Rescue Teams will go into bus stations, hotels, and brothels every day and find trafficked girls who are interesting in escaping to a new life. The teams will rescue the trafficked girls from the hotel and find them a home with a Christian family. The Christian family will treat the girl as their own daughter for five months. They will teach her about the love of God, the gift of Jesus, and a new life of total freedom. After five months she will be saved physically and spiritually. During this time she will become a part of Rahab Skill Center where she will receive free training three hours every day.

Rescued Girls

Sumi (14 years) and Sunita (16 years) work in a hotel in Balaju city. They work during the day as cleaners but are forced to work at night as a prostitute for the hotel. They are only given food to eat as their monthly payment.

They have no way to escape, nowhere to go, and no one to receive them as family. They are poor, illiterate, and have no skill with which to support themselves.

They are an example of the large number of trafficked girls in Balaju City. RAHAB can give them an income- generating

Street Restaurant Training

Skilled Fast Food Restaurant trainers will teach the rescued girls how to make fast food items like MOMO, Noodles, Sausages, Tea, Egg Omelets, PAKAUDA, AALU CHOPS, etc.

This is one of fastest growing and most profitable businesses in Balaju City. A fast food restaurant can begin with a micro-investment. In 5 months, a rescued girl can be well trained, and earn $300 a month.

Barista Training

Skilled Coffee Baristas will teach the rescued girls how to make Gourmet Coffee like, Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Americano, etc.

Skilled workers are in high demand in hotels and are paid a good salary.

 A rescued girl can work in multiple hotels and can make $300-$400 a month.

REHAB Skill Center Costs Details

Initial costs – RS 570,000 which is $4,871.00

Operation costs (monthly) – RS 89,000 which is $777.77



  • In one year, more than 200 sexually abused girls will be rescued. They will receive skill training either for Fast Food Street Restaurant or Coffee Barista. They will quit work as a prostitute immediately and become a skillful business person.
  • They will know Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  • They will be spiritually, emotionally, and physically restored.

Sponsor a rescued girl?

Some will want to sponsor a rescued girl for the five-month program. This will require a one-time donation of $450 or a monthly commitment of $90 for five months.

As a result of this small investment, you will be part of the following:

A young teenage girl…

  • will be rescued from human trafficking/sex industry
  • Will live with a Christian family for five month and will learn about Jesus and how to become a Jesus follower
  • Will become a discipled believer who will be excited about her eternal home in heaven and enjoy the full and meaningful life Jesus promised
  • Will lead others from the life of human trafficking/sex industry to the same restoration she enjoys

The monthly sponsor funding will provide rescue from sex industries, placement in a Christian family, living costs such as food, a place to live, medication, transportation, and other needs she may have.

In 5 months, the rescued girl will be completely restored spiritually, emotionally, and physically!

For more information please contact the following:

In Nepal

Pastor Ruben Rasaili

Founder & Director
Mission for Tribes and Nations

Gokarneshwor Municipality – 6
Jorpati Nayabasti, Kathmandu Nepal.

+977 98570-45446

[email protected]

In United States

Jerry Squyres

Founder & President
Innovative Humanitarian Solutions

P.O. Box 2404
Pearland, TX 77588


[email protected]