Direct involvement in the agriculture projects in northwest Afghanistan are currently on hold. The relationship continues with those working in the area and resources are sent periodically to help with the work. If you have interest in this work, please email [email protected].
The original plan was to build a “village of hope” which was to be located on the fertile Shamalie Plain at an altitude of five thousand feet above sea level. The Taliban at the end of the 1990s ransacked the Shamalie Plain. They accused local people of helping the Northern Alliance (their enemy) and killed many of the men. They destroyed houses and fruit plantations and also threw stones and grenades into many of the wells. The wells and irrigation systems were destroyed.
Innovative Humanitarian Solutions partners with Shelter Now International in the following steps:
  1. houses are rebuilt using prefabricated sections
  2. initial school is built for boys and girls
  3. wells are dug and an irrigation system is set in order
  4. simple clinic is built to provide basic medical care
  5. tools, equipment, seeds, etc. are provided to help families get started