Love  like Will…

Love Family  

As a member of a family of love Will was… son, brother, nephew, cousin, friend

Love Life-long Friendships

With close friends with whom Will shared life
With new friends Will discovered every day

Love Learning

In personal study because it made a difference
In Will’s life in classroom study so he could make a difference in others
In competitive sports…to excel and challenge others to their best

Love Jesus

The ONE greatest love of Will’s life
The ONE who loved Will more than Will loved Him
The ONE who provided Will and everyone a way back to God
The ONE with whom Will now lives in heaven for eternity

Lindsey, Will’s sister, shares her memories of loving life like Will…

William Duke McDowell II was the best brother a sister could ever want. He loved life and was filled with the joy that came from his love of Jesus. His laugh and smile were contagious.

Will was the best friend anyone could hope for because he loved others deeply and personally. Will loved others like Jesus loved others.

Education was very important to Will. He loved to learn. He worked hard to gain knowledge through research, conversation and reading. Those who spent time with Will were guaranteed to learn something new because he was constantly educating himself.

Will’s desire to learn inspired others to learn. His interests ranged from financial stocks to Texas history, to his own family history, to current events, to outer-space and to so much more. His intelligence was well rounded and diverse.

Will had a passion for sports that helped shape his outstanding character. Through baseball he learned humility, hard work and leadership. Will loved the game of baseball from the moment he started playing at the age of 5. In sports he built life-long friendships with those who became more like brothers. He learned from coaches who mentored him.

Will’s magnetic personality attracted others, especially kids who were drawn to him. He was so good to kids and loved them. He loved helping them with sports and enjoyed playing with them. Kids who spent time with Will always had smiles on their faces because they knew he loved them.

Will treated all people with equal respect. No person was better than the other in his eyes. He loved everyone the same and accepted every single person with open arms no matter their differences. He truly loved like Jesus.

Will is sorely missed by all his friends and family. But, we grieve his loss with hope because we know that he is in heaven with God. We know we will see him again!

It was Will’s love for Jesus, sports, and kids that inspired his family to build a school and sports complex in Arro-Malko, Somaliland. God has been faithful and God’s grace has made this inspiration a reality.

Will would be so excited and happy for the generations of people who will enjoy and  benefit from education and sports at Arro-Malko Primary School!

Love like Will!