Human Trafficking - the Plan

Prevention…with published materials and strategic placed personnel we will:

  1. make people aware of the evils of human trafficking in their communities
  2.  provide monitoring and interdiction in “at-risk” places which will include hotels, bus stations, border locations, etc.
  3. establish an on-going presence in communities as peace ambassadors and social change agents
  4. provide short-term education/training for girls who are determined to be at-risk

Protection…with area shelters and local communicites we will:

  1. rescue girls who are already captives in human trafficking
  2. provide immediate safety/counseling/restortion for the rescued girls at emergency shelters and a safe home
  3. provide extended counseling beyond the time the rescured girls leave the safe home and return to their comunities
  4. encourage rescued girls to return as soon as they are able to their villages and act as peace ambassadors
  5. work with local communities to receive the girls back into the life of the community and protect them from a return to captivity
  6. equip members of communities to identify victims and/or warn migrants and other vulnerable populations by use of community awareness programs, street drama shows, films, home visits, posters, radio broadcasts, etc.

Partnership…with local government officials and community leaders we will:

  1. establish a safe-home training center to provide short-term training in skills such as sewing, embroidery, cooking, etc.
  2. enable the rescued girls to generate a sustainable income
  3. make available micro-business loans for rescued girls to start their own business
  4. address the root causes of human trafficking, such as poverty and gaps in women-friendly policies and appropriate practives
  5. focus on public awareness campaigns that inform and educate entire communities and outlying areas about human trafficking

Prosecution…with those in positions of legal authority we will:

  1. work, as much as possible, to establish legal restrictions on Human Trafficking
  2. work with local authorities, as much as possible, to see traffickers arrested and prosecuted

Innovative Humanitarian Solutions partners with Safe Haven Refuge.