Water for the Thirsty in Bethlehem and surrounding areas…


The people in Bethlehem have a steady water supply only two weeks out of every four.

There is a lack of clean drinking water in the Holy Land and rainfall to replenish supplies is low.

Some areas have water supplied to them for their private households, gardens, and swimming pool use.

In Bethlehem, the municipality closes access to water so other areas can have continuous supply.


To install water storage tanks in one hundred households in Bethlehem thus providing water for the thirsty.

The tanks will be provided for families with little or no income.


Purchase of 100 water tanks (1000 to 1500 liter) @ $100 each = $10,000

Installation of 100 tanks @ $100 each = $10,000

Administrative costs of 5% = $1,000

Total: $21,000

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