From trafficked to freedom to faith and eternal joy.

 (Told to IHS in 2019 with few edits.)

My name is LS. I am 19 years old. When I was 13, my father fell from a tree and broke both his arms and could not work anymore. Then our uncle took care of us. A year later, he died when he fell from a mountain. Then, we didn’t have anyone to care for us. My Mother went to India to work. She worked in cleaning dishes and serving customers in a hotel. Although my mother was working, she could not support us. So, I stopped my study at grade 7 and went to India to work.

In India, I worked in a hotel. I have to do everything like cleaning dishes, cleaning hotel rooms, cooking food, etc. Sometimes some customers come and offer to pay me for prostitution. I denied them but the hotel owner started giving me pressure to prostitute. I was raped by several people and had to serve every customer. Some time when I go out of the hotel, people see me as a prostitute and directly offer to pay for prostitution. I started hating myself and feeling guilty day by day.



 One day, I decided to go back to home village. I called my relatives by phone and informed them that I am coming home but they did not accept me. They blame me for my life. They were afraid I would teach their daughters prostitution or sell their daughters into hotel/brothels. I cried and cried and decided to go to another city “Chitwan” of Nepal. I went to Chitwan and stayed in a friend’s house. I went to many places to find work, but I was not given any work because I did not have skill nor qualification. I was roaming here and there with no hope and thought soon I would commit suicide.

One day, I heard about a couple in the Mahespu border area who helped girls who were trafficked. I call them by phone and next morning they came to meet me. I shared them all my stories and they agree to help me and brought me to my Safe Home. Today I am in Safe Home. This couple loves me very much. They are providing me shelter, food, skills and also introducing Christ to me. I am thankful to this family and to everyone who is helping. I have hope of living one more time.

Author’s udate as of April 2024: LS is married. She has two children. She continues in her faith, supports her local church pastor in ministry, and leads women’s ministry. 

Note: The Safe Home and the couple who help the girls are part of the work of Innovative Humanitarian Solutions and Partners. The couple  mentioned if part of IHS staff. They visit mountain villages every week to educate the people about human trafficking. We have two Safe Homes located near two different border crossings.

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