Bulsho Dami Skill Training Center


July 15, 2020 Innovative Humanitarian Solutions (IHS) and Bulsho Social Development Organization created a partnership to provide skill training to help the poor of the Dami area break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

The first class will enroll 15 men who will learn to be barbers and 15 ladies who will learn to do henna beautification/cosmetology. After 44 weeks of training several for-profit companies will be strategically located in the capital city of Hargeisa. The for-profit companies will hire the graduates of the Skill Training Center. The “new” employees will be given a fair wage and have a secure job. Any profit from the Skill Training Center will also provide funding for the next training session.


The duration of the training will be two months (44 days), which means the trainees will attend the training center for five days a week, Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Hours may be adjusted as needed but must be a minimum of 6 hours per day.

Responsibilities of each organization:

  1. IHS will fund a short-term skill training program consisting of a maximum of 15 students who will learn barbershop skills (particular for boys) and a maximum of 15 students who will learn henna and beautification skills (particular for girls).
  2. Bulsho Organization will be responsible for all local tax liabilities, national insurance and pension contributions or similar obligations and any claims, charges or liabilities arising in respect of the fees paid by the client.

Future Plans:

  1. Following or during the second month of the first successful training, Bulsho Social Organization will submit to IHS a business plan as follows:
  • Cost for one income generating barber shop with budget that show a financial plan, which will include funds needed, number of employees, complete budget for operation, etc.
  • Cost for one income generating beauty salon with budget that shows a financial plan, which will include funds needed, number of employees, compete budget for operation, etc.
  1. Upon receipt of the business plans IHS will determine how many locations can be adequately be funded and provide those funds.

Reports required:

  1. Funding
  • Details of the support received, expenses incurred, along with results and achievements of the skill training program shall be submitted by Bulsho Organization to IHS, at the following intervals:
  • Names of the trainees beginning the training
  • Names of trainees completing the training
  • Signed attendance list and student feedback from the training
  • Name of the businesses established and their sector
  • One-month training, two-month training, monthly operation of the income generating locations:
  1. Financial Report:
  • Bulsho Organization will submit to IHS a report at the end of each month to report the following:
  • Names and hours worked by all newly trained employees
  • Money received and expenses incurred by location
  • Issues to be corrected by location

Ownership/management Responsibility:

  1. IHS shall retain ownership of the income generating locations and benefit from profits … all of which will be used at the discretion of IHS.
  2. Bulsho Organization will be responsible for the management of the income generation locations (businesses) to include securing locations, hiring and supervising trainees/workers, overseeing operations, etc. IHS and Bulsho will agree on a fair amount to be paid for these services.

Performance Standards:

  1. Bulsho undertakes to perform the training services to the highest standard of professional competence and integrity.
  2. Bulsho will place trainees in the income generating locations which will be established under the project.
  3. Cancellation of the partnership – each party may unilaterally cancel the partnership with two weeks’ notice issued in writing by the party wishing the cancel of the partnership.
  4. Dispute Resolution – any disputes arising out of the partnership which cannot amicably settled between the parties shall be referred to adjudication/arbitration in accordance with the laws of the United States of America.
  5. Law Governing partnership and language: The partnership shall be governed by the law of the United States of America. The governing language for the partnership shall be English.