This email from our friends who want to help children of the slums:

“Look at these pictures. Two friends of mine started this school with the slums children. The teacher’s name is Riaz. He is very committed to lead these children and he wants to see their life transferred to good positions.
He and I do not know how this thing will happen? But we’ve decided to give some light of education, as much we can, and lead these children!
There are 40 children who come every day…20 who come 8:30-11:00 a.m., we called the ‘morning shift’ and another 20 who come 11:00 – 1:00 p.m., we called ‘day shift.’
The children’s parents do not care for their children’s need for minimum education, or their health cares. Parents don’t mind about these things. Many have single mothers. Fathers are gone somewhere else. These children do schooling for 2-3 hours. The rest of times some are begging. Some are trash collectors…etc. We have started without anyone’s influence. We’re doing on our own. There are no sponsors for this work. Riaz says he is willing to teach them voluntarily.
But, we need help for the following:
1.    Rent for a simple building
2.    School uniforms, if possible
3.    School materials, books, pencils, papers, etc.
4.    Clean items, soap, shampoo, nail cutter, etc.
5.    One meal basic food, rice, dal, vegetables (cooked food)
We do not have our own land. We do school in a make shift home. It’s not a comfortable way to do schooling. Students agree to keep doing studies. We’d like to rent a house for schooling for the children.  Rent a house is necessary for these children. But, we’re unable to pay for the school home…cost of rent for 1 year: $800 for one year!

We are thinking that we should call this school: LIGHT OF HOPE.”